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30 minutes               $45

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Specializes in
Clinical, Pain Relief, and Relaxation Massage
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JD's passion for helping others through touch goes back as far as his early childhood when he helped his family with their aches and pains. As his clientele reached past his family to his friends, he became known within his personal community circle who were in awe of his natural abilities. When their bodies improved, they were sure this child had a "natural calling."
He was discovered by a neighbor massage therapist named Sally. She quickly took him under her wing. She gave him her "trigger point massage workbook" and taught him some professional techniques. JD graduated from massage therapy school in 2001. His education did not stop there. His advanced massage training includes the following: "Hot Stone;" "Swedish Relaxation;" "Deep Tissue;" "Trigger Point Therapy;" "Sports Massage;" "Lymphatic Drainage;" and "Myofascial Release."
He worked for a chiropractor for six years and then four and a half years with Innate Touch Massage. Since then he has been with Advanced Therapeutic Massage.
J.D. takes pride and pleasure watching his client's bodies improve.
"The world opens up to a person when they are not limited by tightness, rigidity, pain, spasms, cramps and restricted body flow," J.D. explained.
JD often repeats the following poem to himself, many times before doing a massage: 
"I dedicate my life today                                             
to the care of those who come my way,
to God, the Universe, and to my higher self.
Let me touch each one with healing hands
For the gentle art of which I stand.
Let the Divine Force flow from me to you.
Let our spirit and energy renew.
And then tonight when day is done,
Let me rest in peace if I helped just one.

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JD Walraven

Tina Barton graduated from Muscular Therapy Institute, established by Dr. Ben Benjamin, and received her state license in 1997, a year before Advanced Therapeutic Massage opened their first office in Cedar Park.

After being introduced to other modalities of massage, she prefers Dr. Ben Benjamin's system. She initially approaches her client's body with a light, relaxing touch as she locates problem areas. Then her massage becomes more focused on the muscles, applying deeper pressure, working at the musculotendinous junction. This is the area where the muscle meets the tendon. This technique has the same results as deep tissue massage and has minimum discomfort for the tightest muscles. However, Tina's massages can be intense after she slowly introduces her technique to her client's nervous and muscular system.
Without any additional charge, Tina is willing to work with her clients during their massage to teach portions of the Alexander Techniques, as it compliments massage through retraining the body to move in a more relaxed, comfortable way. The technique helps posture, reduces stress, and improves health. This technique is used by many performing artists and athletes to enhance performance.

"Helping to improve the health of my clients, through education, empowers them to have control over stress that has physical effects," Tina said. "I will not lecture, but if asked, I will educate. Improving one's posture will permit the muscles to keep the spine aligned, and allow the body to function normally."

Tina cooperates with doctors and takes pride in being a member of her client's health care team, encouraging and helping them to reach their maximum potential. She enjoys working with senior citizens to enhance their lives and to keep them active and productive. Several of Tina's clients have remarked about the heat they felt coming from her hands while receiving a massage by Tina. Though she is modest about this phenomena, we all agree that anyone feels blessed who receives a massage from her.


Tina Barton - LMT specializes in gentle, effective structural body work.
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