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Welcome Sonu Patel

Born in India, Sonu's parents incorporated a belief in healing and massage into their livelihood and applied this philosophy into raising their children.   
"I have a passion for healing," Sonu said.  "And massage is the avenue I use to guide my clients down the path to good health."
Sonu works at the intuitive level, customizing each massage by carefully concentrating on the clients muscles and structural integrity; consequently, rarely talking during his massages.
His professional temperament adds an honest approach to all practices of massage including deep tissue, Swedish, therapeutic, and sports massage to create his unique style.  His goal is to enhance his clients' mobility, improve flexibility, and enhance healing.
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His clients describe his massage as Sonu's fingers melting into the skin as he moves the fascia before sinking into the muscles, gently lingering to remove a blockage and enhance blood flow.  Intuitively, he pauses with pressure, reminding the muscle how to let go as a natural response to his gentle techniques.

With his early knowledge of muscles and his love of sports, Sonu was naturally attracted to the wrestling as a child.  At the age of 10, he advanced into wrestling professionally where he remained for the next 20 years.  In 2004, he earned 1st place and became Australian Wrestler Champion and also placed 2nd in the Free Style Wrestling Olympic Qualifying Tournament.
"My experience as a wrestler has enhanced my knowledge of the body which has helped me develop my unique and effective massage techniques," Sonu explained.
His career not only took him to Australia but also to Germany, Russia, and Georgia.  When in Georgia (Russia) as a professional wrestler, he was asked to join the massage therapist to massages the Olympic athletes.
Sonu's interest is not limited to sports massage, as he felt honored to have massaged his grandfather through the aging process.  His clients include individuals, of all ages, with fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, whiplash, shoulder pain, and tennis elbow, just to mention a few.  He believes that regular massage helps to maintain good health, eliminates numerous negative possibilities, and benefits a person's overall feelings of well-being.